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Mission, Goals and Values

In our mission to create a brighter future for everyone living with RTD, we hold a number of core beliefs and values that drive everything we do:

We put families at the heart of what we do.

RTD affects not only individuals but also the people who love them. We stand with and for the whole community.  Our goal is to continue to grow and strengthen our caring and informed community of RTD families actively involved in supporting each other and our organization.

We are vigilant in raising awareness so people can get diagnosed and receive proper treatment.

Sadly, RTD often goes undiagnosed or is diagnosed late after irreversible damage occurs. Due to incongruities in the available literature, many physicians are not aware of the current recommendations for treating a patient with RTD, and many diagnosed patients do not receive effective treatment. A diagnosis followed by proper treatment can change and save lives.  We will not rest until everyone with RTD is quickly and accurately diagnosed.

We constantly push innovation forward.

We are relentless in coming up with creative strategies to advance research, using state of the art tools to provide family support, and seeking effective ways to share the latest, most accurate information with our community.   Our primary goal is to encourage, guide, and fund additional research to improve understanding, diagnosis, and treatment, and ultimately to develop a cure for RTD.

We believe communication is core in beating RTD
We value collaboration and seek to improve by listening to and learning from others. We work endlessly to communicate information about effective treatments for RTD to all attending physicians. One of our most important functions is to broker the exchange of critical information and foster new collaborations and alliances. Cure RTD serves not only to raise funds for RTD research but also to connect pharmaceutical companies, biotech, academia, non-profits, clinicians, patients, government health institutes, and the media.

We have great hope, which is grounded in reality.

We are heartened by recent advances in research, care, and awareness, and although we understand the many challenges before us, we see a bright future for everyone affected by RTD. We will never ever give up!

We believe RTD can be cured, but time matters. A rigorous, coordinated, and agile research agenda will get us there as quickly as possible. Our ultimate goal is to become obsolete – by finding a cure.