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Previous Fundraising Events

Lemonade Day

Congratulations and very special thanks to 12-year-old Matthew Noel who raised an incredible $4,032.00 USD for the Cure RTD Foundation through his Lubbock (Texas) Lemonade Day stand, smashing the old city record. Also a huge thank you to the many community sponsors in Lubbock that supported Matthew’s event and the RTD community. Mathew’s 6 year old cousin, Julia, has RTD Type 2 and is also the daughter of Cure RTD’s co-founder and science director, Keith Massey. We raise a (lemonade) glass and toast your amazing efforts !!!

With SO many amazing grassroots events starting to come together around the world the RTD community is TOGETHER defined. Together, we will #CureRTD. Thank you.

North Texas Giving Day

You did it!  As part of the North Texas Giving Day annual 18-hour online giving extravaganza the Cure RTD Foundation raised $51,550.00 – in ONE DAY!  We did it together, and we did it with LOVE. Thank you for pushing hard to make a difference to the everyone affected by this horrible disorder.  Imagine the possibilities in what we’ll tackle next!  To make things more incredible, Cure RTD had the most individuals donations for a new small charity of the 2,723 participating nonprofits, which resulted in an additional $5,000.00 prize being provided to Cure RTD.

Thanks to your support, we have some therapeutic ideas that could make a real difference in the lives of those suffering. These will be tested thoroughly, and it will take time to see what they could mean.  We would not be here without our incredible RTD families from all over the world. And, we truly would not be here without YOU. Thank you for walking with us and helping us get where we are now. Your support gives us the gift of hope.

“Hunt Cares” Campaign

As part of their 2017 September “Hunt Cares” campaign employees of Hunt Oil donated to the Cure RTD Foundation and Hunt Oil matched 100 percent of all donations.  The Cure RTD Foundation once again owes a huge thanks to Hunt Oil and their employees.   An incredible $93,098 was raised for the Cure RTD Foundation from these efforts.  Once again our own Chad Griffith, who’s daughter Ellis has RTD Type 2, lead the charge.   These donations will help in getting several important research studies started in 2018 and put us on the road for a cure.

Golf Tournament

On August 26, 2017,  Hunt Oil hosted a golf tournament to raise money and awareness for Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency.  A record $71,090 was raised and donated to the Cure RTD Foundation from the event.  A huge thanks to Hunt Oil and all employees who participated for an amazing event and for making a difference in the lives of those affected by RTD.  Our own Chad Griffith, from the Cure RTD Foundation, also participated in the tournament and sponsor a hole in honor of his daughter Ellis, who has RTD Type 2.