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For Newly Diagnosed

A diagnosis of RTD can be overwhelming. Families and patients are often confused, frustrated and emotionally exhausted.

If you or a child is newly diagnosed with Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency (RTD), you are no longer alone.  You are now part of Cure RTD: a network of families, researchers, clinicians, and other professionals who are determined to make a difference. We started working together and established the Foundation because knowledge of this complex disorder was very limited and often conflicting. There was nowhere to turn to for help and support. We have changed this.

We hope that by visiting our site, you will find needed information and come away believing you can make a difference. RTD can affect the highest and humblest, richest and poorest alike. For more information about the services we provide, please visit the following webpages.

1. Learn about Riboflavin Transporter Deficiency

Knowledge is power when it comes to dealing with RTD. These pages contain the basic information you need to know about RTD.

About RTD

Signs & Symptoms of RTD

Diagnosis & Genetics

Carriers & Reproductive Choices

2. Riboflavin Treatment Protocol

Although there is no cure for RTD, daily treatment with riboflavin (vitamin B2) has shown great promise in slowing down the progression of RTD and in some individuals halting progression.

Learn more about the riboflavin treatment protocol and other treatment options.

3. Participate in the RTD Registry

The purpose of the RTD Registry is to amass information from individuals with RTD into a single database which will be utilized by researchers to better understand RTD. Through our families’ contribution to the registry, knowledge is gained, research is facilitated, and differences are being made.

Visit the Cure RTD registry page for more information.

4. Get Connected with the Cure RTD Foundation

If you, your child, or someone else close to you has recently been diagnosed, we encourage you to contact Cure RTD.  We are able to provide the latest information about new treatments and clinical trials, opportunities to participate in research and events, and updates about our progress in advancing the search for a cure. We also offer many types of support, including family programs and connections with others living with RTD.

Contact Cure RTD

Meet our Families